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Key Points

We are in recovery ...

We are in recovery, and we've been there. When you feel your at the end of the line,... don't quit sobriety 5 minutes before the miracle happens!

We care about all people ...

We care about ALL people. Discrimination of race, creed, religion, politics, sexuality, gender identity, or ethnicity  have no place in the journey of recovery, and is not tolerated.

Helping people that are struggling ...

We are an anonymous group. Helping people that are struggling with addiction is our primary purpose. Everything else is secondary.

About us...

We are in recovery, and we can help others that are struggling with alcoholism, or addiction in their lives. We do this by maintaining a presence on the web ...

When in recovery, or when on the fence about getting help, we present the problem of addiction, and alcoholism. We then submit, for your consideration, a solution that has helped millions of others like yourself.

We are a completely anonymous organization. We do not want, or need praise from others. Our recovery was granted to us freely, and it is freely given with no strings attached. We provide a means by which any person desiring to change the way they use or drink can find the help to pull out of the abyss of self destruction. Our goal is simple,... carry the message of hope!

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Meet the AA family...

With many years of living clean and sober between all of us in Alcoholics Anonymous we can tell you what it's like to keep it real!


Sam Doe

Hey everybody, I'm Sam Doe. I could be any woman, or man. I could be your sister, brother, mother, or father. I could be your grandmother, or grandfather. I could be LGBTQ, or straight. I could be any religion, race, or ethnicity. I am the typical person, or not the typical person. I am in recovery for alcoholism. People like me may have had wonderful lives, or have had a very bad life. These events molded parts of our lives, and some have caused us to do unspeakable acts for many reasons. I am an alcoholic. I have an alcoholic personality. Alcoholics Anonymous has given me a new life. It has introduced me to a Power greater than myself. One that can restore me to sanity. One that allows me to be okay with me. It has allowed me to help others, thereby helping myself. What is the best AA Step for me? Step 1 because what I need is a fresh start in AA, and surrender from the insanity!

Step 1


Am I an alcoholic or addict?

If you are not sure if you're an alcoholic or addict you can click the button below, and "honestly" answer a few questions about yourself. The key here is "HONESTY". There are no tricks here. This is a simple 20 question test.

The 20 Questions


Phil K.

Hi, my name is Phil, and I'm an alcoholic. I have over 16 years sober. At one point in my journey I had some family issues (family members dying, their addictions, etc.) and I felt that I couldn't go on. I had over 16 years sober at that time (same as I have now). I stopped talking to my sponsor, going to meetings, reading AA literature, and praying. I began drinking and quickly found I could not stop. I drank for three years until, at the brink of death, I received the Grace of God to remember the AA promise, and that I could have it back if only I would surrender. I surrendered, and started over. I now have over 16 years, have been married to the same woman for 39 years, and and have retired from my job. All this was possible because someone was willing to help me when I asked. I made this website for addiction sufferers. It allows me to help others as I've been helped. What's my favorite AA reading? The Doctor's Opinion because it's medical fact that I know through personal experience to be absolutely true!

The Doctor's Opinion