Action is the magic word...

Key Points

We all work the steps ...

We are in recovery, and we all have to work the steps in order to stay on the Spiritual path of recovery. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

We all need help ...

We all need the help of others in recovery. We are not on a lone quest here. We all have sponsors because we all need help. Eventually we sponsor others who need help. This is the "Paradox of Giving".

This toolbox is for you ...

We have these tools to help us because those before us found them to be helpful to them. They have been around for decades and can help you too. Use them!

Why do we use worksheets?

We are in recovery, and when it comes to recovery, action is the magic word. Worksheets help us do this by helping us focus on what action we need to do, and provides a tried-and-true method of doing that.

Steps 1 and 2 do not ask us to do anything except think. From step three, and forward it is all action! If we don't try to put the past behind us we are destined to repeat it. We suggest that you use these worksheets here. If you have a different type of worksheet you are welcome to use that instead (at least view these here). The key here is action. Do something. Do something focused, and constructive. Work with your sponsor to do these important "Action Items". Steps 4 and 8 are directly related when it comes to the list required in the 8th step. The 10th step is an important maintenance step because it focuses on continuous improvement. . Before viewing the below listed worksheets, click the link below "The 12 Steps...", and review steps 4, 8, or 10 (whichever you're working)

The 12 Steps...

The Toolbox...

It's suggested that before you start on the 4th, or 8th step worksheets that you consult your sponsor. If you don't have a sponsor get one! They can guide you in you recovery.


4th Step Worksheet

Nearly every new person in recovery hears about the dreaded 4th Step, and becomes frightened at the thought of having to take a written inventory,... and be honest. Some of us wouldn't know how to be honest because we never hve been truely honest. This step needs a sponsor to help you. Someone that you can bounce thoughts off of to keep you grounded to the earth. We are not concerned with other peoples inventory, only our own. We are cleaning our OWN house not anyone elses. Click below to view the "4th Step By The Book" worksheet.

The 4th Step Worksheet


8th Step Worksheet

The Big Book tells us that relationships are nearly always the cause of our problems. These relationships can be as primary as our relationship with God, or as mundane as our relationship with our co-workers. It's none of our business what others think of us, but instead what we do with that information. We are always  the cause of our relationship problems. The 8th Step is the act of making a list of people we have had harmful relationships with, and culturing a willingness to make amends to them. Click below to view the 8th Step Worksheet.

The 8th Step Worksheet


10th Step Worksheet

We have a daily reprieve based upon our Spiritual fitness. With that being the case, we must continue to take personal inventory, admit our wrongs, and conduct a daily introspective check. This list will help you do just that. It helps jog your mind to think and reflect upon ourselves so that, if required, we can perform an amends, a prayer, or an action to keep us on the beam, and in the right Spiritual condition. Click below to view "Joe's 10th Step Daily Worksheet"

The 10th Step Worksheet